Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Gift From PhotoShop

When sales Are down, I always find new things to do. I also found out that its wise to give Gifts to love ones, friends, and any one who can and will pass on to others what you have to sell as an artist. Using PhotoShop I change a good photo to a sketch,and Placed it in a frame. With my business card attach I now have free advertising on its way. To learn how I change a photo to sketch, visit my free tutorial.


Friday, November 24, 2006

View slide show of graphics from Click on this link!


Monday, September 04, 2006

A Book Made For The Yessy Artist

Here is a must have book printed just for us Yessey Artists. Filled with the do and don't and the in and outs of selling art online. Page 234 of this book refer to as a good way to make sales. Click Here to buy or to learn more about Barney Davey.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Digital Art on photo paper?

It has been a while since I last posted a blog due to going to all of the art shows I have been attending. One thing I have learned first hand, is if your a digital artist you better not show up at a show with your work on photo paper. As I watch a few people do. Nothing can bring your hard work down faster then seeing your art next to a good oil painting on canvas with frame. It sounds strange but I don't think people who work with oils or paste like us to begin with. There is a better way of presenting our work and that is by having it printed on canvas or good art paper. This practice will bring up the value of you work, and when you add a great frame you will have a master piece at hand. I use a site called, Finer works to print 80% of my work and I can also say that 80% is what is selling. Try it and see.


Friday, March 24, 2006

Yessy and Sales 2

I have read many blogs about no sales in yessy, and I find that we all thought it would be easy to make money in that gallery. If you have read my first blog title, Yessy and sales you will know where i'm going with this. When you first heard about yessy it was maybe from a fellow artist who never brought art from you nor have you brought art from them. Or you were in search of a gallery using a search engine. In any case, you never heard of Yessy before that. So is it fair to say we are not getting any sales in Yessy when we target the wrong buyers? What are the odds that an art collector or buyer who has clicked on the many Yessy ads will ever find your exact gallery? (Very Slim)
The Yessy gallery has made it easy for us to represent our work with carts included for sales, but we still have to advertise ourselves in one form or another just to say " I sold my work in Yessy " I have gone as far as to advertising myself with T-Shirts that has my logo or website on them, yeah I know its sound tacky but its free advertising served with a personal touch. I must also say everything I write in my blogs has worked for me and may not work for you. It's all up to how you use the tool.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Victim of the Fury

It was Just about sunset when 19 year old John Huntz was taking a stroll along the ocean. He came upon a beautiful young woman with long dark hair gazing out at the horizon. John stops and asked, what are you looking at? She simply replied with a soft voice, nothing but do you hear that sound? John paused for a second and said no with a slight grin on his face. the woman said not a word and started to walk slowly into the ocean. John could not help from noticing where her thong string vanishes which made him follow her in up to his waist. It was then he asked the tan and small heart breaker what 's your name? She said nothing as she took off her top piece of her bathing suite. John heart was filling full with lust for the woman. At that very moment the ocean bed began to pull him deeper into the sea. He cried out help I'm in a rip tide. The woman said no you are the sacifice to my calling God! Foolish John never notice the only foot prints in the sand were his own.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Yessy and Sales

I have been using the Yessy gallery since 2001, and I find it to be a great tool for sales. One can also say it's a good place to meet other artists who share the same quest. My work is mainly Abstracts which is created in Photoshop, and printed on canvas with frame. For a good while sales were doing OK all the way to the end of the summer of 05 and now nothing is moving, not even in street sales. Could it be my style of art has come and gone? Or is the economy that bad? Only time will tell which way to push the mouse. My gallery in Yessy is If you like abstracts you might like my style. I also show art on my website this is a fun site with tutorials links of other adobe artists, and books. If you have read to this point you are probly wondering where i'm going with this.
There is a time when we artists must make up our minds. Is our art a commodity or Expression. As I said before Yessy is a great tool to show our work, but we must do all of the work as far as selling. I started this task by given out custom Business Cards that advertise my art in the yessy gallery. The best thing about this is I had this all done for FREE. On my website, in the Mall page I placed the banner of this printing company. Sure the banner reads $9.99 but when you click on the banner you will find that your first 250 cards are FREE, with no strings attach. I have placed orders for many other items and only paid for shipping. Its beats me how this company is making there money.


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